IPTV is still far from cable televisions and satellite TV rivals in the following 5 years

Learn from medias of foreign countries: According to the estimation of the organization DTC in the industry, last year, global broadband TV (IPTV) User up to 12 million people,to double in the year before last.

This organization estimates, after five years, global broadband TV users will be up to 65 million people.

However, compare with other TV services, the broadband TV is only a little player.

Last year, the delivery amount of the global broadband TV set-box was 8 million, compared with it, the handing over amount of roof box of the wired digital television is 37 million, satellite digital television set-box (receiver) Delivery measure 40 million set.

Within the following five years, such development pattern will not change too greatly.

The analog wired television users of China and India exceed 500 million, these users will move towards digitization gradually in the future, use the wired top box of digital machine, so the annual handing over amount of wired top box of digital machine will exceed 40 million in the following several years.

So-called broadband TV (IPTV) ,Watch the telecast through the traditional telephone line network, because the circuit is the both-way communication, users can really broadcast the program on schedule. Compared with unidirectional transmissive Cable News Network of overwhelming majority, broadband TV is called ” mutual TV ” too . Most broadband TVs are copper wire networks of using ADSL technology to go at present, only a few operators utilize the fiber optic net to the family directly.

05/23/11 at 1:12am
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